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Why Lice Clinics of America?

We empower parents and caregivers with the safest, most effective method to clear your family of head lice.


We dessicate lice and their eggs in a single, one hour treatment.


Our non-toxic treatment utilizes our FDA-cleared medical device.


No further combing required. No follow up appointments.

Over 950,000 successful treatments

Over 300 clinics worldwide

Dealing with lice?

Might have lice?

Scared to get lice?

What are you waiting for?


We deal with lice everyday. Call now so we can help determine the next steps.


We have solutions. Come into our clean, safe clinic for a head screening.


We have treatment options for every budget and tools to address any situation.

It’s About All of Us

LIttle girl receiving an AirAlle treatment for head lice

Head lice affect us all. When an infestation occurs, it disrupts your entire community. When your child comes home with head lice, life for classmates, friends, siblings, and parents is turned on its ear. That’s why it’s so important to get rid of them quickly, Once and For All.

Lice Clinics of America (LCA) was created to make the swift return to normal life, and the relief that comes with it, possible. We want to empower parents, school personnel, medical professionals and any other person caring for a child by giving them a safe, fast and effective head lice treatment.

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