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This section includes news articles that have been published about Lice Clinics of America locally and nationally.

New Life, New Owner After Irma for Lice Clinics of America’s Lice Slayer’s Clinic

Re-opened clinic provides same guaranteed, one-and-done lice treatments using FDA-cleared medical device.

Naples, Florida

After being flooded during hurricane Irma, Lice Slayers, a preferred partner of Lice Clinics of America, has re-opened with a new owner dedicated to meeting growing demand for safe, fast, and effective lice treatment.

Head lice infamously cause stress, disgust, and embarrassment for millions of parents each year. Families in Bonita Springs have a new clinic, now called Lice Clinics of America – Bonita Springs, ( that provides screening, diagnosis and treatment options for people infested with head lice. The clinic is staffed by certified operators of the AirAllé device, an FDA-cleared medical device that kills head lice and lice eggs using controlled heated air.

The new owner of the clinic, Jeff Randolph, is no stranger to Lice Clinics of America and the AirAllé medical device. “My niece and nephew got lice horribly, and my sister had to drive 5 hours to get the AirAlle treatment,” Jeff said. “She chose to do it to avoid using the over-the-counter products that lice were resistant to and dangerous to use on my nephew who has environmental sensitivities.”

“The treatment worked, and my sister opened a clinic to help people from having to drive so far,” Jeff said. “She became so busy and recruited me within the first few months.”

Jeff shares his sister’s passion for a pesticide-free lice treatment that works quickly and effectively. “We recently had an eight-year-old girl come in, and her mother told us that her daughter was rushed to the hospital due to a seizure from the use of a pesticide-based product. That just does not need to happen.”

“Head lice are very hard to beat on your own,” Jeff said. “We always hear ‘we wish we had found you sooner’ and ‘we spent so much time and money trying.’ Lice can be treated in about an hour, and we stand by our treatment with a guarantee.”

After being flooded by the rains from hurricane Irma, the Bonita Springs clinic re-opened at 8881 Terrene Court, Suite 104, and is open seven days per week by appointment. AirAllé treatments take about an hour and come with a 30-day guarantee when all family members are treated or screened for head lice.

With more than 300 clinics in 34 countries, Lice Clinics of America ( is the largest network of professional head-lice-treatment centers in the world. Lice Clinics of America and AirAllé ( are brands owned by Larada Sciences, Inc., which is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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