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We’re here for you even if you are treating at home

Should you want to go it alone, Lice Clinics of America can provide you with everything you need to safely and effectively kill lice and their eggs and keep them away! The most time consuming and important step in the do-it-yourself process is the combing. Combing each small section of hair will take several passes to assure EVERY nit (lice egg) is removed. Depending on the texture and length of hair, combing takes the average person 2-5 hours.

STEP 1: Prepare

We recommend lice removal should be performed in the kitchen or bathroom for easy clean up.

  • Place your family member on a stool in a very well lit area. You may need to use an additional lamp since lice eggs are tiny and often blend in to the hair color.
  • Wrap a towel over the family member’s shoulders.
  • You will need paper towels, a large bowl of warm water or a nearby sink, hair clips big enough for a large section of hair and a comb to part the hair.
STEP 2: The Active Rinse or The Active Super Gel

You will start by generously applying 2-3 ounces of the Lice Clinics of America® Active Rinse or Active Super Gel to dry hair and massaging until hair is completely wet. Then, waiting 10 minutes and washing it out with dish soap.

STEP 3: The Comb-Out Mousse

Part the damp hair into 4 sections. Working a section at a time, apply a few pumps of Lice Clinics of America® Comb-Out Mousse and massage it thoroughly into hair.

STEP 4: Combing

Starting at the scalp, you would run the Lice Clinics of America® Comb the full length of hair, then wipe it on a clean paper towel after every pass. Continue combing that section of hair until the lice comb wipes clean.

STEP 5: Clean Up

Your child should now be lice free! Carefully remove the towel from around the neck, realizing there may be live lice on it. Use a sticky lint roller to remove any debris from your child’s clothing and then remove. Wash towel and clothes on hot, dry on high. Carefully sweep or vacuum any debris on the floor. Any tools, combs or brushes you are not throwing away should be placed in a zipped bag and into the freezer for 48 hours. We recommend that you do not throw away the lice comb because you will need it for step 6.

STEP 6: The follow-up

You or one of our clinic professionals should check every member of the household for lice 7-10 days later. If you see lice (they will be very small and newly hatched), repeat step 1-4.

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